A fundamental truth of creation is that all fragments of truth and error held by mankind are maintained in balance around the one absolute Truth by opposing fragments that are equally in error. When a person or group follows any path of knowledge that is not in The Way of the One Truth, the laws ensure that Man is not lost perpetually down that path by eventually turning the consciousness of the person or group back against the erroneous principles that it pursued. Hence, every polarized mindset invokes and feeds off of its opposite. Whether you are a member of a religion trying to reach out to those of an atheist mindset or you are an atheist seeking to rationally fend off those that offend your sensibilities with their religious ideas, you must open your mind to perspectives that you presently do not see so as to plant the seeds of growth, giving you the opportunity to help firstly yourself and then the possibility of helping others progress onward towards the One Truth.

Speaking from both experience and observation, most atheists doubt or deny the existence of a God or gods because they reason that if there were a God that created us for the purposes espoused by the worlds’ religions that the world would not be in the state that it is, that apparent injustices would not be allowed to take place or that such a God would not allow confusion to reign over which religion is the true religion. Before I began this life's journey in The Way I knew one very intelligent atheist that fluently spoke nine languages and was exceptionally well read in sciences and philosophy. He lived many years as a prisoner of war throughout Europe and concluded that there can be no God because if there was He would not have given mankind religion. He points out matter of factly how most major conflicts that plague mankind can be traced back to conflicting religious positions. While he was intelligent enough to discern that all religions of this world are corrupt, he was not able to see the Truth that lies beyond the corruption of worldly religions. Unfortunately, rejection of religion, and the religious conceptualizations of God, can and does extend to a rejection of God. Atheists will usually admit how amazing it is that everything fell together to permit this world and man to evolve as it has but they will point out how everything that we perceive works by a natural order and that they have more faith in that natural order than the ideas espoused by religious philosophers. In their minds, the working of the natural order over time could have permitted the evolution of all that is, even without any direction from a conscious Super Being.

Whilst the perception of apparent injustices in this world may lean a person to declaring that there is no God, the clincher is the many absurd and irrational concepts of God held by religions and their followers. This is where we see the same self limiting tendencies of the atheist in the thinking of those that are members of religious groups. There is a weakness in mankind that prevents most from pushing through the veils of their current thinking. This weakness manifests in atheists as a rejection of God and failure to look for a true in depth understanding of the natural order, which they credit for the existence of life. Meanwhile this same weakness causes the followers of the worlds’ religions to overlook the shortcomings of their own concepts of God and what the natural order shows us of the nature of our Source of being. In doing this, the religious man not only fails to gain their own true in depth understanding of the deity they proclaim to worship, but he also gives justification to those that exist outside of this religious man's box of perception that see the folly in his reasoning and therefore do not have the incentive to examine their own errors and short-comings.

This is not to say that people will embrace the Truth of TheWay. In fact most people will become quite enraged against the Truth because they are not able to rationally point out its weaknesses and this makes them less comfortable with where they are at. They would prefer to rage against other forms of error because they can then excuse themselves from needing to look beyond their own perceptions of reality. When confronted with the Truth of TheWay they can in affect only identify and point weaknesses in their own knowledge of the Truth, which in and of itself raises an emotional response. If the person is aware they will recognize that the energy from these emotions is what gives them the capability and opportunity to overcome their current weaknesses should they choose to act upon the opportunity. If they fail to act they will remain locked into cycles that will confine their consciousness until they are ready to open their minds to new perceptions of truth and manifest those truths in the flesh. Sadly, often times the the only salvation to escape the solidified misconceptions that have accrued in the body during the present cycle is death.

Whilst the above observations may be apparent to most that take a look around, the question arises as to how to overcome this most limiting of characteristics that is held by virtually every member of mankind. How do we know we are not falling into the same trap as those we are trying to correct? If we look around in the world it is apparent that even the most sincere individuals are not immune from the tendency to see more errors in others than in themselves. It is necessary and not too difficult to understand why we have been created this way, regardless of your understanding of the forces that brought about our creation.

Looking at energy fields, potential is maximised when opposing polarities are maximised and connected within a system that maintains the difference of potential amongst the forces of those opposing polarities. It is critical in such systems that the medium connecting the opposites is of sufficient purity and strength to be able to sustain the 'light', or energy manifestation, of the field without either shorting out the opposites or suffering a melt down and that separates the poles completely. The development of the conscious energy of the mind also follows this pattern. The Soul of Man is an eternal Being of Light made up of pure conscious energy existing over dimensions incomprehensible to the natural mind in the pattern Laws of our Source (see BeingOfLight.com). This whole conscious state is our real self. Man projects fragments of self into various dimensions so as to be able to explore aspects of self from many angles. The potential of the fragmented polarities of Mind are maximised as the connections amongst the fragments are multiplied and strengthened. This is the process by which the Law moves all of creation from the Alpha to the Omega, true evolution.

Christians, Jews and Muslims may understand the above as the Tower of Babel effect described in the Hebrew scriptures. The effect of this fragmentation of Mind is that each persona in this world sees in accord with his or her own construct of reality. This is further shaped and engrained through family nurturing and cultural programming. The latter is particularly evident in persons that are raised within the confines of institutionalized education, which has the primary aim of making children productive Citizens of the state rather than the fullest possible expression of the Soul. As society moves farther from knowledge of Self people become consumed by identifying themselves based on physical criteria rather than developing a more holistic understanding.

In order to be able to maintain the fragmentation of Mind necessary to facilitate exploration of aspects of consciousness, man has buffers or intervals in his consciousness that automatically filter and dismiss all information that does not support limited perception he is able and willing to live within. Without these buffers, the perception of incomprehensible realities would overwhelm the developing consciousness and rather than having focus, which facilitates the development of the aspect of consciousness, chaos would rule and overwhelm the natural mind. These buffers manifest as filters that cause the individual to quickly dismiss facts and perceptions that do not fit within their life view. Without even being consciously aware of what they are doing people are turned away from seeing or accepting the overwhelming evidence available to show them how incomplete their understanding of all things is.

Overcoming these buffers typically requires a good deal of effort. The individual must first have the will to understand more than they currently do. They must then come to realize that the capacity of their current mindset is limiting their ability to understand that which they seek answers to. This will give them the incentive to look outside their present box of perception. In my own journey, I came to a point in my life where I felt compelled to study the historical contexts through which the major religions of the middle east and the west developed. I developed a thorough atheist understanding of how and why the tone of scriptures varied over time. I came to understand how the orthodox views of life seemed to evolve within each cultural group and how particular historical circumstances seemed to cross pollinate ideas that were captured in scriptures. I also studied and identified many of the literal contradictions and errors in the scriptures. I read many of the explanations for these apparent problems with scripture offered by evangelists, the Catholic Church, Jehovah Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists and others. The explanations from all groups defied logic and all basic sensibilities that my mind held dear, not to mention that they were all filled with even more contradictions than the corrupted scriptures were. I had almost reached my goal. I had reached a point of knowledge where I could present to even the most dedicated Christian the contradictions and false basis for his faith in a way that would leave them without a reasoned answer. However, ....

Coming to this point in my own journey there were a few things in regards to evolution, observable phenomena and history that were still very mysterious. I had always been able to dismiss these before as either unknowable or simply made up by the hyperactive imaginations of others. However, having just spent considerable time and effort disproving the perspectives of others, I felt I should do the same for all those things that I had previously dismissed without any well proven reason. I explored the knowledge possessed by the ancient civilizations such as the Mayans, Tibetans, Sumerians, Egyptians and Phoenicians. I dug up from multiple reliable sources the evidence that exists demonstrating some remarkable transportation feats carried on by the ancient civilizations. I looked briefly at psychic phenomena and apparent U.F.O. information. While much of what I found was inconclusive and unreliable, there were some accounts that were reliably attested and beyond my capacity to understand. Within a couple of months I had concluded that I too was living in a reality constructed by my own buffers of thought. In all my years of education I had had a phenomenal capacity for mapping new areas of exploration into what I already knew. Due to this I had never experienced conscious recognition of a division in my knowledge of life. Now, however, I possessed two or more apparently irreconcilable bodies of knowledge that could be reliably verified but were beyond my then capacity to bring together. It was at this point that I was finally ready to overcome the limitations of my old ways of thinking. Not all atheists will need to do what I have done, but everyone has to get themselves to the point where they have reached a state of completion with their old thinking and then they have to open their minds to what they previously were blind to. If they genuinely and sincerely seek to fill in their missing understanding they will discover it within themselves, either directly or by the guidance of someone of higher consciousness that is brought across their path.

At the crossroad in my own life where through effort I came to see my own ignorance, I prayed that if there is a higher power with influence over my life that it lead me to knowledge that would bring together all that I was aware of in the world. It was in response to this expressed desire that I was led into the wisdom of TheWay. My introduction to TheWay in this life was through the article http://BibleCorruption.com. Amazing to me at the time was that there was nothing in this article that in any way contradicted the facts that I had confirmed from an atheist perspective but it also began to open my own understanding of everything else I had discovered outside of the atheist perspective. What initially caught my attention was that this article was honest enough to admit to the corruption and contradictions in scripture even while explaining the genuine importance the scriptures have. I continued reading the other writings of the individual mystic, Allan Cronshaw (http://mystic.nazirene.org), and found the rational foundation upon which to begin opening up the mind to limitless possibilities. It became apparent that there is nothing in this world that is completely beyond understanding if one is willing to put the effort into building the mind on the right foundation and there is commitment to manifest the knowledge you gain in the flesh. With this raised perspective it opened my eyes to the deeper messages expressed by all enlightened people, from all eras and in all geographical locations. I was able to see like never before the consistency in the Truth expressed through history and even by nature itself using differing allegorical representations. I was able to begin to see the strengths and weaknesses of each expression of the Truth and the purpose served by those expressions even where they were corrupted or very incomplete.

A reasonably intelligent atheist or agnostic will demand that any alternatives worth contemplation are in accordance with the natural order and common sense. If God does not fit with what is observable or if God is offensive to the rational mind then to the atheist that God is fictional and not needed. This is why religions will fail to convert significant numbers of intelligent non-believers. Further, the farther the religions themselves move from the Truth the more they will invoke anti-God sentiments in others that do not share their illusions. To have any truly effective influence on your opposite, first requires you to turn about and move towards the Truth. From a position of balance you can take their energy and consciously use it to invoke growth in yourself and in them.

Even with a level of inner balance it can be difficult to invoke change and guide others into the Light. When a genuine seeker begins seeing with a higher perspective this is initially only a slightly higher perspective within their own developing essence. Despite exponential increases in awareness they are still conscious of only a small fraction of the Truth. The tendency at this early stage of growth is to share with great energy all the new insights you have gained but this is done with only limited empathy of the Laws others are born under, what obstacles they are overcoming, their will to grow, their gender and their gifts of perception. It takes time and continued commitment to making super efforts to mature the perception and expression of the Truth. Education (Latin expression meaning 'extraction from the mind') of the Truth of TheWay happens precept upon precept, and even then only by those that have a determined will to find the Truth and live it.