While the pattern for a successful marriage is quite simple, marriage can and usually does become one of our greatest challenges, particularly in the context of today’s culture. Overcoming these challenges requires a deep understanding of the differences between the sexes, the necessity of marriage, the forces that hinder marriage and the pattern that people must manifest in their every thought, word, action and desire to create a marriage that is fulfilling at every level of being. Marriage is about connecting, and creating unity and Light, anything that does not contribute towards greater unity will not build a marriage. It seems our culture today encourages people to build marriage through a form of mutual acceptance derived from compromise and independence. And, while the many counsellors promoting this line are well intentioned, unity can never grow out of compromise in the longer term. Unity can only arise from trust, communication, support and a strong physical foundation. Thus, cultural influences promoting independence of women from husbands and promoting the dependence of both men and women on government, churches and other institutions is diametrically opposed to what is required for a truly fulfilling marriage. For a marriage to be strong, men and women must look first to one another's strengths to provide what each is lacking in themselves. If, by example, a man is looking outside of his marriage for nurturing or a woman is looking outside of marriage for protection then the bonds of marriage are undermined and the forces acting against it are strengthened. Sadly, this is the norm in our age and our children for the most part are encouraged to embrace the same disempowering ideals and behaviours that brought this about. Each of us does however possess the free will to begin turning away from cultural pressures and seek to build an environment where unity can flourish and where Light and Knowledge can manifest. Not what knowledge is written here or what is learned in schools, but Knowledge from within yourself and the bonds of your marriage, Knowledge which you can prove and objectively observe from your own experience. I present this as guidance that will perhaps act as a catalyst to bring into your awareness more of your own experience and present what can be done to become more complete within yourself, your marriage, your family and your community, building up each in harmony on a foundation of Truth.

Man, woman and the union of the two in what can be called Divine Marriage is the most fundamental pattern of our creation. Further, since ALL of our creation is holographically imbued with this pattern, understanding marriage and working within the dynamics of male/female interactions is key to bringing about a condition within your body mind to understand and experience your true nature. If the dynamic of Divine Marriage is truly understood and lived in the flesh, it serves to allow a man and woman to become a holographically complete physical image and likeness of their Source, which permits the flesh to join as one with our Inner Spiritual Nature in the pure conscious balance of the Mental Mind, or the Soul Self, which is a Being of Light. Given that the task of raising up the outer potentials of Being through our fleshly nature is fundamental to the purpose of our life on earth, it follows that our spouse is our nearest and dearest Saviour to this purpose when the elements of a Divine Marriage are promoted over the cultural norms of the day. The holographic nature of our lives also means we have ample opportunities to enhance our understanding of the dynamics of husband and wife, not only through observing the interactions of men and women, but also in observing how this same pattern unfolds throughout all things. It should not be surprising to those that accept that there is a higher intelligence in life that all scripture is also written in this pattern, at least to the extent that it has not been corrupted by those that have use religion to grab power or were simply too ignorant to grasp its deeper meaning (BibleCorruption.com). The Bible in its entirety could well be portrayed more as a current marriage manual than in any manner a history book, with everything in it essentially about division and the overcoming of that division as all aspects of the active and reflective forces within us at all levels of our Being unite. As an example, the building of Jerusalem as a city built on two mountains represents the overcoming of division and the wholeness we all need to achieve within ourselves in order to grow into completeness and move into harmony with the Laws that rule over and ultimate nurture consciousness. It is due to man’s folly that these deeper and more important meanings of scripture are overlooked as the people become mesmerised to viewing them as representing literal history instead of something alluding to our own make-up. This is even true of the living scriptures of people’s own lives.

Everything that occurs within our lives and within our world reflects realities within each of us. If we are observant we can use these outer reflections to give us different perspectives on the issues with face within ourselves and within our relationships with others. In an effort to bring awareness to some of the most important elements of marriage I will start out with some depictions found in nature of the interactions of marriage and then move on to how this can be personally applied to married life.

One of the most complete analogies found in nature of the dynamics between the sexes is the atom. Both, the natures and interactions of the atom, and the natures and interactions of the sexes are so expansive that a detailed depiction would take volumes and would lose the attention of most. However, even examining the underlying principles of the basic model of each can serve to enable the natural mind to come a little closer to seeing and understanding the pattern that rests just below the surface of our every interaction. Due to the holographic nature of reality, the interactions depicted can and should be seen as applying across all aspects of creation, aspects within us as well as those aspects reflected in our outer world.

Simple Atomic ModelIn the simple diagram of an atom at the right, you will see a negatively charged electron shell, consist of the electron and the field through which it moves, surrounding a more massive positively charged nucleus. That is to say that the outer is a reflection of the inner. Taking even a simple two dimensional view of this, the male can likewise be seen as positively charged in the physical while the female is created as an opposite and complementary reflection, or negative, of the male. Looking at the similarities between the electron shell and the reflective nature of women, it can be seen that there are many parallels.

  • The electron shell is considerably less dense than the nucleus, having very little of its own mass. Likewise the physical density of women is less than that of men. Men have naturally higher muscle and bone density than woman.
  • Despite the greater mass being in the nucleus, the electron shell is more expansive and more sensitive to outside forces than the nucleus is. Paralleling this, women tend to have a far broader perception of their environment than do men and are far more influenced by that environment emotionally, physically and mentally. The feminist movement has made the acknowledgment of these differences almost taboo due the vulnerabilities it suggests. However, it is in these differences that women have their power and essence, and if women are not aware of both their power and their vulnerabilities then this lack of awareness itself has the effect of diminishing the potential of the feminine while intensifying the vulnerabilities. True happiness and fulfilment of purpose cannot be achieved by denial of our essence in pursuit of cultural fads.
  • The frequency of movement in the shell is higher as the electron spins around the relatively still nucleus. This is comparable to how the earth and moon revolve around a relatively stationary sun. Of course, the sun revolves around the galaxy and the galaxy revolves around the universe but in relative terms the reflective moon and earth move at a higher frequency than the nucleus they revolve around. Similarly, women are more cyclical than men by their nature. Rather than seeking to become more male like, women should embrace their feminine strengths and cherish their potential for heightened receptiveness, perception and abilities to feel, and become open to rediscovering the inherent power they possess in their own natures. One of the many tangible strengths women possess due to their cyclical nature is greater freedom from getting stuck in a single thought pattern like men can tend to. Their cycles move them into different frames of mind where their priorities and viewpoints change and expand. Women also generally posses stronger Intuition and better capabilities in reading others, and the more they embrace their feminine strengths and natural priorities, the broader and more insightful are their perceptions regarding the needs of others and themselves. A woman aware of her own feminine strength and value is also more likely to recognize the strength in her husband's differences and promote those differences rather than attempting to make him more feminine, in the manner that our present culture does.
  • In the atom, the most frequent interactions between atoms in a moderate gravity environment occurs primarily through the connectedness of the outer fields of the atoms. Women, being like these outer fields are also more drawn to having greater social interaction than what is needed by most men. Unfortunately, indulging in a rich social life with many men also acts to promote within a woman a state of mental division, times of confusion and take away from her capacity to nurture her husband and family. This happens as a consequence of the feminine's nature to harmonize with the vibrations she receives. Every man has a different vibration coming through him, largely dependent of what aspects of Mind are active or inactive within his body. When a woman immerses herself amongst many men, she receives a multitude of positively charged fragmented vibrations that each interact with her own reflective makeup in different ways to create similar fragmentation in the inner world of her flesh as that existing via the males of her outer world. This includes males she may work with, go to school with, socialise with or even go to church with. The extent to which an individual woman is able overcome the challenges this presents and keep herself aware depends on factors related to the Laws under which she was born and what she has previously achieved, however, it is not possible for a woman to negate these influences altogether and it is important for all women to try and remain aware of the movements invoked within them from their environment, and do what they can to keep the nature of the vibrations they are subjected to as conducive to promoting a healthy body and mind as possible.

Men on the other hand have the strengths and weaknesses opposite those of women and more associated with the nucleus. We could just turn each of the above points concerning women inside out to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of men, but rather than pointing out the obvious lets consider why these striking differences exist? Simple explanations of the strengths and responsibilities of husbands depicted in scriptures are seen within our contemporary societies as parochial, chauvinistic and out of touch. In the Bible, and indeed the scriptures from other cultures, it is depicted that the husband is the head of the household; ultimately responsible for the direction, protection, education, and provisioning of food and shelter for the family. Were the writers of scripture parochial and chauvinistic, or did they Know something that is outside of the awareness of the masses today? There is no suggestion that men are more important, just that they have a particular role somewhat similar to the physical head that rests on your shoulders. You can’t really say that the body above the neck is more important than the body below the neck for both are vital for either to exist. Above, it was mentioned that men have greater density of being on the physical plane. Obviously greater bone and muscle density lends itself to being conducive to physical protection of the family but I would suggest that this is only superficial. Consider also that it was said above that male and female in the physical are as holographic images of the active and reflective polarities of mind on the Mental plane. Examined from this perspective these apparently parochial statements imply that each of us is to trust our Inner Spirit to move us, protect us, educate us and provide our every need in developing our consciousness while we have the responsibility to take what is provided for us and make with a house for 'Husband'. This is indeed an important aspect of what is represented by the statements indicating that a husband is the head of a household but there is also an importance with manifesting this same pattern within the interactions of male and female on the physical plane. It is only within the balance promoted through this pattern that life is born, whether that life be a physical child, a marriage or rebirth into a higher expression of Mind and Being.

So, physical man is not the complete equation, but the active forces of mind that are expressed through man serve a parallel role within this plane of Being as does the Inner Spirit of Man on the Mental Plane. In the allegory of mind expressed via the physical, sperm is created and kept in reserve external to the male body in the testes, representative of the fact that the generative capacity that flows forth from man is not of the man but rather given to him to direct and use as he sees fit within the level of being in which he is active. Further, a man is not able to use this generative force within himself but rather must express it outward into the fertile ground of the union's feminine counterpart in order to make the force fruitful. Even so this generative force flowing through man still has a significant effect on him. From the complete active flow of energy that is channelled through the mature male body from deeper dimensions of Being, the process of division commences immediately as it fragments through the physical. Part of this force rises up and energises, or creates a vibration through the physical body and mind of the man. The quality and strength of this vibration depends in good part on the impurities that exist with the mind and body of the man. The strengths and weaknesses of men are a direct product of this active force expressed through them. Indeed most men are dominated by the active forces emanating from their sex centre. There are other men, such as those of the Eastern religious philosophy that work to subdue this active polarity to prevent it from ruling their thoughts, however in achieving this they also disempower their male potential. The problems men face arise not in engaging this active energy but in the imbalanced use and expression of this energy. Most men do not live in the manner and mindset required to have this energy activate all the other centres that can potentially be moved by it. In most men there is a dominant sphere of mind that directs the expression of this energy through the body in a particular way that enables this dominant sphere to remain dominant while the other spheres of mind are left undeveloped. The opposite of this is where this energy is able to rise up through the other spheres of mind feeding each what it needs to become mature and promoting balance amongst the whole. The effective use of the generative energy within the male and its influence on the male mind is responsible for the general characteristics associated with a strong male figure; explorative, creative, protective, stable and providing. The issue that men need to accept though is that it is virtually impossible for a man to attain maturity and balance without the help of the feminine.

Now with this in mind, going back to the atom analogy and looking at the nature of the nucleus lets consider briefly the important roles than men have to complement the important roles that women have, and why the male has the strengths he does.

  • The first point mentioned above with respect to an atomic shell and women was their lower density. The inverse to this is that the nucleus has higher density and mass within the atom which drives the present direction of the whole of the atom, albeit not independent of the influence of the fields it is interacting within. Likewise, because a male body is naturally dominated by the vibrations rising up from his own active sex centre, he is less influenced by the thoughts and movements of others around him. He is more driven to explore through the depths of something that he does not understand but desires to, even to the extent where he may not see much of the others things readily apparent around him. While its important for the male to develop the capacity to see all that is relevant to his journey through life this cannot happen by cutting off the explorative nature without diminishing the man. Rather the male has to take responsibility to ensure that the direction he is moving his family towards is genuinely in the entire family’s best interests and not merely satisfying the appetites of his own lower natures.
  • The field emitted from the nucleus bonds the constituents of the atom's electron shell from dispersing out into the surrounding atoms or fields, providing a protection and stability of sorts. Likewise, while a man’s wife and children are in proximity to him they can be protected from fragmented outside vibratory influences. The strength of the inner bond between husband and wife also influences the degree of protection he offers her. A potential negative that people should remain aware of this arises where the wife or a child takes on an outside teacher, which, acts as a catalyst to invoke separate fragments of mind and has the effect of dividing the development of mind essence imbued in the physical body. In this instance, there can be a noticeable disharmony between the vibrations imbued in the wife or child by the external teacher, or various teachers, and the vibrational influence of their husband/father. When this disharmony occurs it can act to create emotional stress or separation, and even physical unease manifesting as an imbalancing of hormones and generation of disease. This is why education, particularly early childhood education, should be done within the home when possible or amongst a small group of like minded individuals. Where a young child is going to be exposed to a setting where they will be learning from an outside source it is preferably done in the presence of a father. There are sound reasons for this as the child is able to develop a solid unified foundation from. As they get older and move out into the world they then can build everything on this one strong unified foundation rather than attempting to build on a fragmented foundation suffering from duality of thought and emotional challenges. Nothing sound can be built on a divided foundation but by far the majority of people never do manage to overcome the divisions instilled in them by their culture and ‘education’ and therefore fail to develop the state of mind required to be taught directly by the Inner Source of what Yeshua called the One True Teacher. Of course a child will not develop all the knowledge they need from their earthly parents, but in early childhood education it is unity of mind and confidence that is most important as a child begins learning the basics they need to build on. The importance of this places a considerable responsibility on the parents, and the father particularly, to ensure that everyone in the family has the opportunity to develop holistically under his guidance and protection. If they are left lacking under his guidance then it will undermine their trust in him and potentially promote the very division he may have been aiming to help them overcome.
  • The nucleus is the point through which the originating positive potential of the atom arises, its generative capacity. As can be deduced from earlier comments this positive potential is not created from the protons and neutrons of the nucleus, but arises through them from much deeper energies within them. In atomic physics these are strings, quarks and strange particles; the mystic knows a deeper source. When a male passes this generative capacity on to his wife it can serve towards the conception of a child, however, there is also a ‘living’ bond that develops through a healthy sacred sex life between husband and wife. This bond is like a cycle of energy that exchanges between the two uniting them as One.

So there ARE vast and important differences between men and women across their: physical make-up, mental processes and perception of the world. Men and women, on their own at best only represent half of the whole and rely on the other's strengths to make them complete. Each must therefore be willing to be in subjection to the other's strengths while at the same time selflessly giving all their own strengths to their spouse. It is completely self defeating if one side of the relationship seeks you use their strengths to dominate the other against the other's will. In a functional marriage a husband's strengths will naturally dominate where his wife is vulnerable and likewise where a wife raises up the husband's energy and projects her reflective power back towards him it will dominate over those areas where he is in subjection. It is not possible to achieve this circle of life between and husband and wife where one is forcing their will on the other. In fulfilling each other's needs both would also do well to be mindful of the natural needs that they collectively have and work to create an environment that is internally fulfilling of these needs in their marriage. A case in point is a woman's need for community. This should not just be dismissed even though it can be a difficult thing to create in a world that often stands against all the things that should be a part of a community supportive of marriage and the fulfillment of Being. Building cohesion of purpose and strong bonds between husband and wife creates stability and strength in the core, in the shell and in the whole of the union, just as it does in the basic atomic model.

The very simple observations above can provide some basic insight into the interactions that take place on the physical plane. To make true gains in our mental and spiritual growth, we must seek to also understand the nature of our Higher Soul Self and how our marriage influences our capacity to develop within the body a greater depth of Knowledge and ultimately Oneness with our Higher Soul Self. This necessitates going beyond a simple two dimensional view to a more complete view where each level of being unfolds from its source and ultimately return to it. When Souls transmigrate into the physical realm of this world, they do so dividing male and female at the physical level where each divided fragment, like a holograph, contains and is in the image or pattern of the whole. While many see the soul as no more than the physical body and the physical mind, this view is not complete, and those that hold this view are severely limited in any gains they are able make in this life. In English the word ‘soul’ essentially means any living thing so it is not necessarily wrong to refer to any physically living being as a soul. However, in the older languages it can be found that there are more or less four to seven different words that are translated into English simply as ‘soul’. Each of these words depict different levels and expressions of a living Being, each existing interdependently with the rest across different dimensions of Being. The definition of ‘soul’ used by the likes of Jehovah Witnesses matches up with what the ancient Egyptians called Ba, which was the temporal natural mind of the physical body. While this definition does portray a valid truth, it is limited and ignores the reality the Higher Soul Self and even the Most High Soul of God, or the Logos, in which we all ultimately dwell. In Paul, we are reminded that each one of us is a temple of God. When scripture speaks of the destruction of the first two temples, an important aspect of what is being portrayed is pertaining to the temporal nature of the physical vessel, or soul, that we are born into in this world; the mind born into flesh and ruled by duality passes away. So, those that think similarly to Jehovah Witnesses or Atheists in this regard where they believe that it is appointed for man to live once and then return to the dust are correct at the ‘Ba’ level of thinking where they are at for they themselves are not ‘real’ and their false sense of self imbued in the flesh, and all the potential that is had, will pass away never knowing life. This important truth with respect to the nature of man is portrayed in the Gospel of Philip: "Those who say that first they shall die and then they shall arise are confused. If they do not first receive the resurrection while they live, they will not receive anything when they die" (The Gospel Of Philip). This concept is reiterated in saying 84 of the Gospel of Thomas, 'Jesus said, "When you see your likeness, you rejoice. But when you see your images which came into being before you, and which neither die nor become manifest, how much you will have to bear!"' We are born into this world as an embryonic image and likeness of our Higher Soul Self, filled with all the potentials of life. Our faithfulness to the divine pattern of life and our works to make this pattern manifest in our life determines the growth of this embryonic image of Self, the strengths and weaknesses we are given in this life as well as the strengths and weaknesses inherited by the images of Self that come after us. From the perspective of the Higher Soul Self, that which is still lost in the illusion of this world is not alive but is temporal and dead. That which is still dead in the mind of the body when the flesh dies, is nothing more than a memory, an image that fails to become manifest within the Soul. Only that aspect of consciousness that becomes Living rises up to continue moving and interacting within the Mental Mind of your Soul. So, while we are looking directly at what we can do to manifest the divine pattern in our marriage and our physical life, it is important to extend yourself to see how it also relates to all other aspects of the Soul to the depth that you can so as to make yourself ‘real’ and alive. Inspired writers and living shepherds of TheWay cannot depict directly the nature of what is beyond the capacity of the organic mind to see, all they can do is use allegorical accounts depicting the pattern and attempt to create an environment that nurtures the conception and growth of Self realisation. It is then up to each individual to use what they have been given fruitfully.

It was discussed above how on the physical plane women are reflective and men are active, but I’ll reiterate that on a Mental plane the physical female mind AND the physical male mind both are divided reflections of our Inner Spiritual nature. Above it was said that the life generating Spirit manifested in the physical plane via the physical male, but if we take a deeper perspective, on the Mental plane the generative Spirit comes via what the New Testament refers to as your heavenly Bride-Groom. As reflections of the Inner Spiritual all physical beings are therefore feminine from the perspective of the Soul. If this is understood you will see that the Mental Mind, your True Self, is actually the Divine Marriage in which the Generative Spirit and Complete Reflection of this Spirit unite together as One. But even amongst Souls there are different levels of completeness depending of the power of the potentials each has engaged in and the extent to which those outer potentials have been brought into harmony with the whole. To become more complete the Soul must express outward embryonic images of Self that are able to engage with the outer potentials of Mind so as to bring balance to these outer potentials and return them, Living, to their Source. Our physical existences and the mind of our natural bodies are examples of these embryonic images that must become complete so as to be able to return Home. Likewise in the atom, there must be a relative balance between the forces of the nucleus and the reflective capacity of the surrounding shell(s). Looking at these outer reflections, we can see that they are depicted as consisting of two parts, the electron and the field through which the electron moves. This field is created by the movement of the electron but is also reflective of the energy of the nucleus and the laws of attraction that bound the outer with the inner. So if we look at the electron it can be noted that the electron, while a reflective element of the atom, is itself the active component of the reflection. It is through the active movement of the electron that the field is generated and given its movement. You may be able to see that the electron itself is like a physical man, in so far as a physical man is a reflective element of man’s Higher Self while at the same time being the active element within the reflective field of the physical world. In this sense he is active-reflective. A physical woman is likewise similar to the electron field through which the electron moves. She is reflective-reflective, being reflective both of physical man and the Inner Spirit at the same time.

To further extend the concept of the woman's heightened sensitivity discussed above, relative to either the nucleus or the electron itself, the electron field is the most sensitive part of the atom to shifts in energies and to interactions within the greater vibrational fields through which the atom moves. If there are changes in the energy pattern of nucleus or changes in surrounding vibrational fields, in which the atom is immersed, the reflective field of the electron is the first place that either of these movements will be ‘sensed’ or reflected in, followed by the electron itself. This is so because the electron field is not dominated by its own ‘inertia’ like the active ‘particles’ of the electron and nucleus can be. Women being representative of this double reflective in the flesh, are therefore more emotionally sensitive and perceptive of conscious movements surrounding them and within them. Men are of course also influenced by these other forces too, even if their perceptive awareness is being dazzled by their own active nature.

There are a multitude of reasons why the reflective element of a union is so vital to the nurturing of the child born between the active and reflective forces of male and female. Firstly, a woman generally has a heightened perception of the needs and emotions of others unless she has become so divided within herself that she has become consumed by her own fragmentation. She is also able to feed a heightened frequency of movement within her husband. Without the power of the reflective, the embodiment of the active through man is linear, mechanical and dead. Without coming into union with a consecrated wife there is limited scope for growth. A man needs a wife not only to conceive and nurture physical children but also to conceive and nurture the mental and emotional factors required for developing wholeness of consciousness. The movement and wholeness of consciousness is born out of and initially nurtured from the feminine, though the masculine is necessary to conceive, provide, guide and protect. Essentially all movement is initiated through the masculine into the feminine and then back into ‘One Flesh’ that is the union of the two. But keeping things simple the male aspects of the mind are dead without the feminine and so too is the opposite scenario dead, whereby the reflective turns what has been back upon itself, without allowing herself to be moved forward by the generative forces of her husband.

Observe that while the nature of man is such that he is active relative to the woman's reflective mind, his movement is greatly subject to her reflective energies and other, outside, vibrations interacting with her reflective capacity. The man's movement and positive polarity extend outward and generate or feed the feminine that surrounds him and his path. But his path and energy is also influenced by other interactions that occur with his wife and children, or any other feminine body he feeds and is fed by. If the community in which his family are immersed is out of harmony with the force of mind he is generating within the family then the natural effect is to slow and change their collective direction to the extent that his wife and kids are driven by external rather than internal forces. This could be demonstrated through chemical reactions between atoms in which electrons can be lost to other atoms and where ties can be created between atoms. If there are complementary forces from the community acting on his family then this in turn can greatly accelerate their ability to mature spiritually. It therefore stands to reason that one's capacity to build community ultimately becomes important in nurturing the family beyond a certain point, just as one's capacity to build family is important in nurturing one's self beyond a certain point. And, while it is a blessing to be born into such a community your capacity to build a community is actually better developed when you have to engage the forces of this world that stand in opposition to the Truth and TheWay in order to create and protect such a community. As such, in the Ebionite communities, once the males had matured sufficiently to have their own solid foundation, it was important that they went out for a time as a Light to the world and through this gain the opportunity to engage the baser elements of human nature. In this way each could first be given the proper foundation in Truth and from that foundation extend themselves as necessary to build strength of mind and genuine spirituality. Since none of these communities exist today, the primary opportunity that we have and must embrace is that of engaging against the forces of this world that put people in a stupor and use this engagement to build up a nurturing environment for growth, starting first with the inner community within our self, then the community within our families and ultimately a community of genuine seekers that are willing to put liberty and Truth above cultural mores. Each element within communities have their strengths that are a necessary contribution to the whole, and each element on its own is more prone to being weak and unstable. Internal stability arises from the fluid movement and harmony of all elements together as one. If any key element is removed or becomes imbalanced it impacts on the stability of the whole.

One of the most challenging matters many face as they begin to dedicate their lives to living in accord with the highest Truth they understand is how their marriage fits in with their determination to live holistically as possible. Rarely in today's age, especially in younger generations, will two come together in what is a genuine marriage in almost any sense of the term. This can create challenges when one person decides to pull away from cultural pressures while the other chooses to embrace the culture they are immersed in. Is it best to compromise your standards and keep together what relationship you have in an attempt to build on it, or do you live to your highest standard without compromise? This is a personal decision that each person has to struggle with on their own. However, what many fail to truly see is that there is a personal reason they are where they are at any particular moment in their lives. The context of your life reflects the mindset that has brought you to where you are and understanding all that can be understood of your mindset and how it created your life is necessary in order to bring about positive growth and overcome the need to relearn the same lessons all over again. If one is blaming their spouse for all the disharmony in their 'marriage' without fully understanding how they too have helped create the situation chances are that they need to observe their thinking in more depth or with more objectivity. In this case, there is probably more to be gained for everyone involved by remaining together and coming to terms with the true source of the problems facing them. A man with a problem marriage should be able to look back at his life and see what thoughts and desires he injected into his marriage and what he spilled out to other things in the world, and if his marriage is not optimal how did his words, actions, thoughts and desires at each stage of his life help to bring about the state of marriage he finds himself in today? Did he submit in the areas he is weak to the areas that his wife is strong? Likewise, a woman with a problem marriage should also be able to look back and see what she did with the energy and movement her husband infused her with, where did she direct it and how has she allowed the vibrations, or influences, of others to disrupt the marriage and has she truly been supportive of what her children and husband need to be more than they are? Has she unnecessarily put herself into a role as a quasi-man seeking success as it is measured by our culture rather than success as it is measured by the Spiritual and Mental growth of her family? Does she seek social interaction that unnecessarily exposes her to the will and direction of other men?

In attempting to build up wholeness, be mindful of TheWay through which genuine consciousness is developed. If a man uses his physical dominance to force the will of his wife, or if a woman uses manipulation to cut-off and redirect the path of her husband, even where such actions are taken with good intentions it will inhibit the growth and movement of their spouse and do nothing to promote the potential of the two together. As mentioned above, the perceptive awareness of men and women is vastly different. Men will by nature will dig down to gain a depth of understanding on what ever has their attention at a particular time, sometimes oblivious to what is going on around them, and once this exploration has satisfied their present level of interest from here they will find their next area of exploration. Women will by nature have their perception attuned to their current plane of being and want to experience everything on this plane without necessarily getting to bogged down in looking are the details of one small quantum of her reality. These differences are positive and should be embraced and mutually promoted. If a man negates his nature to live more in accordance with his senses and emotions he will lose his strength and will still possess only a shadow of the perceptive capacities of a woman. Likewise, a woman who negates her nature to fulfill the vision of the women’s liberation movement and become more male will lose her feminine strengths and will still possess only a shadow reflection of the generative forces of a man. If a man is diverted from exploring a path before he brings about a sense of completion then a part of him will remain drawn back to the path to finish it. A woman of higher awareness will use and give her broader awareness to her husband in order to help the productiveness of his exploring but she will also maintain some trust in him and the direction he is taking the two of them, unless of course it will pose an unacceptable danger to her family. If she senses a danger to her family she has to look objectively as to whether the danger is real and whether perhaps her husband has thought through the risks and deems an action necessary. Just as she has the capacity to raise up her husband’s perspective beyond the linear, a husband has the capacity to increase the depth of her perception beyond the plane she is on. Granted this is easier when both the husband and wife are of sufficiently mature mind to both be able to lend their strengths to the marriage and trust their spouse to do the same. However, even where this is not the case, the nature of the sexes and the Law, cannot be negated or ignored. In less than optimal circumstances we have to put more effort into observing and learning from the negative. Observe, how the circumstances are less than perfect, what have we done to create our circumstances, how the growth of the individuals and the growth of the union between the two are limited by the circumstances, how the circumstances can be nurtured into something more productive and how can we help our children and others have sufficient awareness to develop a more optimal environment for their own growth. If we are not dismissive of the limitations of our situation and observe closely for the opportunities presented to us, Grace can help us move forward. To embrace this Grace we must keep alert for all opportunities that arise to turn the negative into a positive and move forward, an in particular opportunities to give our children opportunities to have a more optimal environment than what we have. The greatest potential arises when a man and woman are able to each embrace their highest natural potential and submit themselves where they are weak to the strengths of their spouse.

This would seem to be a good time to consider the etymology of the word 'Marriage' as its meaning relates directly to the struggles that marriage often entails. Believe it or not the history of marriage had nothing at all to do with government or church endorsed certificates evidencing contract. The word itself means simply to 'Marry', which term is itself derived historically as a euphemism for the Greek name 'Mary' which in turn is derived from the Hebrew name 'Miriam'. It is said that no other name in the Hebrew has such a wide range of meanings, from being rebellious, protesting, bitter and grief to amiable, sweet-smelling, heightened and exalted. Throughout the Old and New Testaments Miriam is used to represent various stages of feminine consecration developed through suffering. The first mention of the name is just after the Israelites are freed from Egypt and are collecting together in the Marah Desert after passing through the Red Sea. The names Marah and Miriam have nearly identical meanings in Hebrew and both represent essentially the same feminine state of mind being born out of the freedom from Egypt, Egypt symbolising a state of mind enslaved by the Laws of this world. Initially, as the feminine mind is freed from the thinking of this world and its cultural influences, there can be bitterness and protest within as she seeks to find direction for her people. In this first use of the name, Miriam, a prophet and a sister of Moses and Aaron, is similar in nature to the desert that the Israelites were said to congregate in. That is to say she was free from the bondage symbolised by Egypt but still arid and in need of the necessities of Life. Miriam was not only in the same arid state as her environment but also had no choice of her direction other than to trust and follow the direction set by her brother Moses: Moses representing the Laws of God, Laws that brought the Israelites out of their bondage and eventually brought them to find the Law within themselves. Miriam did not have the Living Waters passing through her yet and at this early stage she was not even able to collect manna, or Divine Knowledge. But even here the three-fold pattern is depicted with Aaron and Miriam representing the divided potentials of polarised male and female, beginning to be brought together under one purpose in Moses. Later, in Numbers chapter 12, Miriam condemns Moses while talking to Aaron, questioning why she should mind Moses when the Lord speaks to her. The three were brought together at the tent of meeting and told that prophets like her can see in riddles, Moses is face to face with the Law, and therefore in her condemnation of Moses she also in effect condemns the Law of her creation, and in condemning this rather than understanding it Miriam is struck with Leprosy, until through the influence of the Law she is cured after having spent ‘seven days’ out of the camp. These stories are all of great significance in understanding our own inner journey to the Promised Land. It is the flaw of the Jewish mindset that attempts to see these events as historic instead of searching out their real inner meaning. The objective is to become a complete image of Spiritual Israel, not Judas or Judea. This story of Miriam, the sister of Moses, depicts the purification of the feminine through the struggles of following the Law through the arid desert and over mountains until Yeshua is able to lead her multitude to the Promised Land. It is out of this purified feminine that the state of wholeness represented by Yeshua is conceived. At the time that Yeshua is born, Miriam represents one who is the Virgin, the purified feminine uninfluenced by the attractions of the world. As was discussed above, within Self there is holographically a feminine at every level of your own three-fold being. Hence, at the culmination of Yeshua's life when he becomes at One with the Logos as symbolised in his crucifixion, there are three Miriams, or Marys, with him. But why even to this day has the name Miriam or the term Marry come to symbolise the coming together of two into One Flesh in marriage? In the story of Exodus, when the Israelites were in Egypt they were divided and in the bondage of slavery but after passing into Marah all of their separate potentialities were congregated into One People free. This is what a true physical Marriage is, a physical union where the opposite potentials of male and female free themselves of outside attractions and come together in the potential for an exalted Union that is itself a manifestation of the Law, in which we can find unity and clarity, and give rise to the birth of the greater eternal Son within us. Often times the coming together period can be tumultuous from within and without. However, by embracing our struggles and remaining true to the Truth we can create something great. The first requisite to manifest the state of Mary or Marriage is that all potentialities have to be willing and able to exit 'Egypt' and be free of the ways and attractions of this world. Unless this happens the forces of this world pull you into two directions and like the timeless axiom says, 'a house divided cannot stand.' The bondage of ‘Egypt’ is very much in tact in the lives of most people today. Slaves still imagine that they are princes and Pharaohs still put themselves against the Law to hold their subjects under their power, whether those Pharaohs are seen as the active forces in our physical world or, more importantly, the active forces in our physical consciousness which are much harder to overcome. Western governments today are led by people that essentially secular atheists in their mindsets but underlying their creation is still the terminology and pattern of the Law.

Many Christians and Atheists alike would look at the above and suggest that I am reading something into the text that is not intended. Why would the writers use this symbolism to depict higher reality rather than just laying it out as it is in plain language? Part of the answer lies with the fact that it was much clearer before it was corrupted to support the ideals of orthodox pagans and the Roman Emperor (http://biblecorruption.com) and before it was translated into Greek, Latin and then English by people that were only interested in an interpretation that best supported their own beliefs. However, this does not change that the scriptures were originally written in mysteries and remain that way. Indeed, if they were not written in mysteries the pagan masses would have dismissed them long ago and no enlightened works would be passed down to today. The other issue is how else do you depict to an organic mind the higher reality that is completely beyond its comprehension? How would you depict even the simple truths regarding Self written here to nomadic tribal pagans, like the ancient Hebrews that received the Torah were, or even the modern day Christian, Muslim or Jew? In each age the realities of Self are portrayed in language that is able to be received and has some relevance to immediate audience. Stories of marriage and begetting of children in scripture are something that most people can relate to regardless of background and is of primary importance to the stories or scriptures of our own lives. These were therefore used as one of the primary allegories to depict the pattern of being that must become manifest within each of us in terms that people can easily relate to. The second century Church Father Origin wrote this regarding the nature of scripture, “But all the narrative portion, relating either to the marriages, or to the begetting of the children, or to battles of different kinds, or to any other histories whatever, what else can they supposed to be, save the forms and figures of hidden and sacred things? As men, however, make little effort to exercise their intellect, or imagine that they possess knowledge before they really learn, the consequence is that they never begin to have knowledge...".If you genuinely understand the pattern through marriage, through scripture and through science you will find all depicting the same reality. Above, marriage is depicted as being akin to the complete shell around an atom, consisting of an electron(s) and the field through which it moves. This shell is itself as a vessel in which the nucleus of the atom can dwell and be brought into balance with the outer to form the whole. Like the electron shell, a marriage between a physical man and wife brought together into a perfect unity forms a vessel into which the inner Spirit can manifest in its wholeness within each of the two, collectively coming together in the Soul.


So what then is a person to do to build up this sacred union when what they have is less than perfect?

Within your Higher Soul Self, all opposing polarities exist and are held in a balance. But within the expression of the Soul divided by the laws giving rise to the physical, the polarities are divided, providing the opportunity for each element of self to individually become more refined, complete and brought into harmony with the pattern of life and Light of the whole. As discussed above, it is obvious that man’s opposite polarity and greatest reflection is embodied in woman. However, the outside world at large, our physical realm of being, is also reflective of our inner world, hence making us all co-creators of this world. In yearning to bring a state of wholeness to the fragments of mind that a man possesses in his polarised state, the carnal man will seek endless ways to satisfy his desires, desires that at their root represent something within himself that is lacking. There is an inherent understanding within everyone that they must express that which they have in order to receive that which they are lacking in but what is less obvious is in what form this expression should be and what exactly will be returned from a particular action, thought, word or desire. To know this and experience it through physical form, bringing into oneness the active cause and its reflection, is a primary purpose of our physical existence. A carnal man will unfortunately not normally give sufficient reverence towards his wife as his Divine Goddess. He may even be faithful within the standards of our culture but is he being faithful by the higher standards his Soul? He may look at worldly successes with desire and worldly women with lust, again not understanding why the forms of the worldly had this effect on him nor the impact it has on taking energy from him and his marriage, energy that would have been more fruitfully given to his wife and family. You must seek to become conscious your inner energy and the vibrations you emit into this world. Understand how disempowering the misuse of your vital flow is. But in doing this you must also not negate the importance of the foundation in the physical upon which everything else is built. If you are to be married be married at every level possible within the union. Do not hold out in one area contingent upon receiving in another. If you think a marriage can work and there is mutual desire for it to work, give everything you have to it and have faith the Laws and in your spouse. Nothing draws out failure more than holding back. If you hold back on the physical aspects of a marriage you undermine the foundation for the spiritual and mental. On the other hand putting everything you have into a marriage where there is no mutual desire for a marriage may equally draw out failure and be very draining. At lease in erring in this manner though you can open your mind to learning from all your errors and invoke the Laws in a manner that will promote mutual growth on your separate paths. If you are a husband, keep in mind that the amount of trust required to take someone as your husband is probably the greatest leap of faith anyone is ever required to make, and if that faith does not prove well placed it is hard to get back. Of course, neither past nor current challenges do anything to negate the need for trust. If the past is being used as an excuse for not trying into the future then the purpose of your past errors has escaped you and no real mutual acceptance of each other is possible.

Mutual acceptance is another important but often twisted concept. Acceptance in our current culture is often transliterated as compromising, and as a result someone that stands by their convictions is deemed uncompromising and therefore unaccepting. But is it not possible to be filled with acceptance for others and what they are doing without being compromising with respect to your own standards. It is easy to understand why people respond so negatively to those that are uncompromising in their pursuit of living a good life. However, can compromise have the power to bring people together or is something else needed? For a marriage to have a future, it is not necessary that a husband and wife are in complete harmony with one another but is it necessary that both husband and wife work tirelessly towards this goal. While acceptance of the other person where they are at is also crucial, acceptance cannot come about through either party compromising who they are and the Truth they know. The acceptance often promoted in our culture is based on a compromise that results in detachment rather than fuller engagement. Compromise at best can be an important tool for two people to use to get through a short term situation that is too difficult for the two of them to come together on at a particular time. However, compromise cannot reside within the foundation of a sound marriage or indeed the foundation of anything that is meant to be durable and lasting. Compromise exists where something is incomplete or unfinished, and foundation that is incomplete or contains many loose ends is no foundation at all. Looked at from another perspective, the Truth never compromises regardless of what perspective different people see of it. If two people are in disagreement, then it indicates one or both of them does not see the one uncompromising Truth. If one of those individuals actually does see a greater truth, the compromise represents this individual being unfaithful to the Truth they have been blessed to receive and the other individual losing out by rejecting that Truth they have been presented with the opportunity to prove for themselves but rejected out of ignorance. Even if neither of them possesses the Truth of the matter then it is highly probably that the Truth will only be discovered by overcoming their respective errors and coming to see the deeper truth that brings about balance between the two. So, whether either individual possessed a higher vision or not, neither individual can win by compromise in the long term. True acceptance can only be developed and nurtured by opening up ALL the communication channels between the two and actively working on bringing about harmony whereby the two become one flesh and the strengths of two are united. Compromise, if sought to be maintained long term, represents division and division is death to a true marriage. So, the question arises how do we maintain the necessary movement and exchange of energy in all areas of a marriage so as to promote increased connectedness and not a false acceptance based on compromise and detachment? This is where it is necessary to understand with some fullness the concept of submission. Submission, when understood, is not living in subjugation to another in the manner that Muslim women often live in subjugation to their husbands. That too is a warped view of marriage. Male and female are opposing polarities of the other, projected from the balance and wholeness of the Higher Soul Self. To come to be One with your Soul Self you must become whole and perfect in the flesh, and this necessitates you developing the capacity to overcome the divide between you and your opposing polarities, which is most effectively worked on through the interactions of male and female in the context of a Divine Marriage.

People make mistakes and take paths that in hind sight may not appear optimal. As we grow in wisdom and become more complete, our choices improve and we avoid the need to repeat the same lessons and the same experiences over and over again. We learn to seek the Truth without compromise and move ourselves in harmony with the laws that bring about a balance of consciousness, throwing the problems that we encounter at the Laws we perceive to help us deal with them in a way that leverages the effects of our efforts rather than pitting our efforts against the Laws. As a true seeker of Truth wanders through the wilderness of choices they will triangulate on understanding and manifestation of a pattern of mind that is not self-limiting. The more progress that they make in coming to Know this pattern and Know themselves within it, the straighter they are able to make their paths through life and the conscious gains become exponentially greater. If a seeker is to overcome the Laws and become one with the Father, like our elder brother exemplified, they come back into the state of mind of the Soul, but in the flesh, where all opposing polarities exist and are held in balance. To achieve this second birth is the first goal of seeker of Truth. Remember that Yeshua told the man that wanted eternal life to follow him and do as he does. To do what he did you have to become Whole, as a Son of God, a Man (Soul) reborn of water and spirit. Your true spouse is your most immediate saviour in pursuit of this goal.

We are here in this reflective realm to perceive of our weaknesses and feed upon the experience required to overcome them and be fulfilled. As we rear consciousness within ourselves, within our families and within our close community, we attain fulfilment of our reflection and connection with these commensurate elements in our higher Mind. Relatively passive or unproductive reflections of self raise up and the embryonic image that we are becomes ever more productively active and ever more at one with the Source of our Being as we grow in the anointing of mind, or using popular Greek or Hebrew terminology, as we grow in Christ or Messiah. This process of refining chaotic and divided reflections into one that supports the birth of true and enduring consciousness is depicted throughout our scriptures as touched on above. In the Gospel of Thomas there is one saying that is particularly troublesome for many that do not understand its deeper meaning. Saying 114, Simon Peter said to Him, "Let Mary leave us, for women are not worthy of Life." Jesus said, "I myself shall lead her in order to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every woman who will make herself male will enter the Kingdom of Heaven." Understandably, gay rights groups make all sorts of claims out this verse but in the context of the above writing, it should be clear the truth that is being depicted in this verse. Without an understanding of the reality depicted above, this and numerous other common scriptures often make no sense to the rational mind. The fragmented feminine is very much like a choppy ocean. It is filled with the many energies and vibrations she is reflecting but the opposing forces within those energies cause the waves to crash against one another and the energy is expended against itself, not being put to any ultimately productive use. However, as we overcome the fragmentation, the consciousness within us begins to flow like a river of life, moving us in complete harmony with the active energies of our source. It is of this river that potentially runs through us, that Gnosis, or Divine Knowledge, can be derived; where we can come to truly Know ourselves and Know God, which as Paul says, is to be Known by God. In this saying, Jesus is essentially saying that through Him, the unrefined Mary symbolising the reflective self, or the organic consciousness, which is not worthy of Eternal Life, will be refined and brought into complete harmony with the inner Spirit to be made One Flesh in Him. The choppy ocean will be tamed and a Man (the Son) will arise out of it cleansed. If a reflected image is made perfect, then in a sense it is a manifestation of that which it is reflecting, and hence in the symbolism it can be said that what was female is now male by virtue of the developed bond between the feminine and masculine.

Another relevant scripture is in the book of John, where the Samaritan woman asks Jesus to enable her to drink of the waters that give birth to eternal life. The following is written: 4:16-18 He told her, "Go, call your husband and come back." "I have no husband," she replied. Jesus said to her, "You are right when you say you have no husband. The fact is, you have had five husbands, and the man you now have is not your husband. What you have just said is quite true." While this scripture has a multitude of valid truths, one the key meanings relates directly to the discussion regarding the influences on and necessary condition of women (in a scriptural sense). People should ask why is Jesus saying to the woman that she must go and call her husband when he already knows that she does not have a true husband in the sense he is referring to. The five husbands she has had can represent the active forces of this world that up until now have kept her divided and thirsty, and indeed from even meeting Jesus at the well. This could be men, governments, churches or any other active force moving her. The hard truth that is being portrayed here despite her present condition is that she needs the solid foundation of her true husband before she can hope to drink of the waters that spring eternal life. But how can this be – it is not even politically correct? If she is seeking security, knowledge, guidance and sustenance from the other ‘active’ sources of the world, apart from her husband then this works against the union between the two that MUST become ONE, and a house divided cannot not stand. By Law she cannot overcome on her own what needs to be overcome and she cannot drink of the water of everlasting life. Even in Paul’s dissertations to the gentiles, he depicts these same Laws in the manner that they could be received by the babes in Christ that were his audience. He made it clear, to the extent these people could understand, that the head of a woman must be her husband while the head of man must be the Anointing Spirit (Christ). By understanding how this pattern is manifest even in the atomic structure of all matter, it should be clear that this was not just a parochial sexist statement of subjugation but a necessary manifestation and requirement of the Laws of nature by which our very conscious existence rests. It is key is that there is conscious recognition that the journey of each of the two is entwined and that the two are one.

When a person is prepared to look back at their life and sees how they have been moved by the active forces of this world that they have been subjected to, and how their fragmentation, ignorance and/or complacence has undermined what they could do to better fulfill their place within the Divine Pattern of marriage, this is when they have the opportunity to turn around and embrace the opportunities they have. Until this happens most of mankind acts to in some way undermine the foundations of others without giving them anything more solid than what they already had? In doing so it is not even necessary that there is anything particularly wrong with their position, it may only be that it was shallow and incomplete. We must become whole in all that we are and all that we do. Where a husband or wife acts to undermine the foundation of their spouse, even with good intentions, it will act to create fissures in the relationship and prevent the formation of the unity that is at the core of any genuine marriage.

So if marriage is so important, why is it that the forces of this world act to oppose it and how, whether that marriage is between a physical husband and wife, or between our inner spiritual nature and our physical self? The world itself feeds off of the overflow energy coming through those souls that are here. When someone expresses themselves in how they think, act, speak and desire in a manner that is not balanced, what is not made manifest in their expression of being flows out into this world making this world too into a reflective shadow image of the Inner World of Man. It is through such reflections that the lower natures of our Souls interact, and the world we are in provides us the opportunity to interact with a multitude of Souls each born under different laws and with vastly differing experiential knowledge. These differences of potential give us ample catalysts to make complete the development of the individual divided aspects of our lower natures and bring out aspects within our own being that are latent from the dimension of mind that we are presently expressing. However, keeping in mind that our physical bodies and minds are an embryonic image of Self that resonates and is influenced by outside vibrations in similar manner to how an electro-magnetic field is, if we allow ourselves to be drawn to the multitude of other ‘active’ forces of this world, it deters us from establishing our own solid foundation from which true growth can be built. These forces are active in the first place only because the thoughts of mankind that feed them. These forces can be manifest in the form of government, culture, deities or simply carnal men directly. As has been said before, women, not having the active polarity in the flesh apart from their fathers and husbands, have to be particularly aware of the effects of others' vibrations on their own minds. The world created in the image and likeness of man, has essentially the same mechanisms built into it to ensure its survival. Due to the balance of the Spirit that is the Generative Force behind all life, and the Laws dictating how this balance finds expression through division, all erroneous or incomplete thinking by one group of people in this world naturally is countered by the erroneous thinking of another group. Hence, the only effective manner to bring about correction in another is to bring about balance first within one's own self. For if there is any imbalance in your own actions or self expression this in turn feeds the opposite imbalance somewhere in the earth. This world also goes through cycles of activity and cleansing reflection, just as people do. At the moment the world is near the peak level of activity that it is able to support under the current mindsets of the people that inhabit it. At this level of activity the world body and consciousness is becoming polluted, similar to the toxins that accumulate in the human body when lots is eaten and the body is exercised hard without the necessary emphasis on cleansing. This period of activity will as a matter of course be followed by a period of rest and restoral. But at all times, the world consciousness feeds itself on the dissonance of those in it. Our Souls require that some advanced souls of great Light be in the world at critical times to help create environments on the earth that are conducive to achieving more productive soul growth and to facilitate less tumultuous shifts in the cycles the world passes through. However, these advanced souls that are capable of manifesting balance within themselves do not feed the world because they do not overflow divided aspects of their own conscious flow into it to the world to the extent that they are complete and manifesting balance in their lives here. As a result, the immune mechanisms of this world sees the few holistic minds that will enter the world at any particular time somewhat like a disease, a foreign consciousness that is not of itself. So, in a sense, the factors in this world that act against Divine Marriage can be viewed as being akin to the world's defences against what it perceives as disease, even though Divine Marriage across all levels of Being is our ultimately divine calling. In short this world serves its purpose and prolongs its survival by promoting the division and struggle that are necessary challenges for sound growth of the mind fragments bound to it. This Gravity of Mind like force is what is portrayed throughout scripture as Satan, the fallen angel, which perhaps would be more accurately portrayed as the angel, or laws, acting upon the fallen. He is said to have taken one third of the angels with him, representing the laws giving rise to the potential of the feminine aspects of mind, there are another third of the laws that give rise to the potential of the active polarity of mind, and the final third that unite all the potentials of the two in the moving, living third-force of Mind.


What are some common struggles in marriage and how can we work to overcome them?

The first challenge many of us face is the divisive nature of our contemporary ‘education’ systems. When we accept someone as a teacher, this interaction acts as a catalyst to raise up within us what that individual is, the force they express or reflect. When a developing child is exposed to a multitude of teachers, each with different beliefs, different experiences and born under differing laws, the inner essence of the child does not mature and the child is left without a solid foundation of their own. Each of these opposing foundations created by each of their teachers end up creating inner conflict and fragmentation that doesn’t prevent but does inhibit the development of the state of mind required in order to come into true Knowledge from within. This creates a great deal of work later in life as the individual attempts to overcome the damage caused by this fragmentation. Making matters worse, the vast majority of our modern teachers are apostates to the true meaning of ‘education’ which literally means to extract from the mind. Government mandated curriculums and the faulty ‘education’ that teachers themselves are subjected to in their training attempt to ignorantly upload information to the student as if they are an empty canvas, as opposed to drawing out the Knowledge that is their birthright as a living child of God. The effect of this approach is in effect anti-education and in a very real sense what the Bible would refer to as the Anti-Christ, with the Christ being the anointing spirit that is our True Teacher. The curriculums taught by the multitude of teachers today not only divide the foundation that that child will build their life upon, but also program children to accept as normal, behaviours and patterns that are counter to the divine pattern required to be attain True Knowledge and commonly against even the basic morals of the child’s own parents. The damage done by our modern public education systems in the manner that it divides children from their true source of Knowledge is something that few manage to overcome in their present lifetime. The few that do overcome its affects are those of Souls that have developed a solid foundation in previous lives that has come through in their current physical incarnation as well. It goes without saying that even in an optimal education environment from a child's own parents that all children, and males in particular, will eventually need to develop the faculties to deal with the corruptions and imbalances of our culture, but as a matter of timing this should only occur after a child has sufficient knowledge, discernment and strength to face the ever increasing challenges they will have to face. From about the age of puberty a child should have the basic foundation needed to permit them to further develop and put to use their own knowledge within increasingly uncontrolled environments. Since all of us are to some degree affected by the fragmentation and programming of our culture and education systems it is important to come to see how this has influenced our physical mind and that of our spouse.

Other active forces of this world that can be detrimental to the balanced development of the mind include our governments, churches, employers, unions and peer pressure groups. As a society we have come to a point where there are many that no longer even bother to look within themselves to determine what is right. People look to their institutions to tell them answers, to protect them and provide for them. They have lost touch with the truth that husbands and our inner spirit desires to provide our every need to the extent that we are able to receive. Instead people live in the manner that scriptures refer to throughout as harlots, selling themselves for material experiences and knowledge at the expense of never having true recognition to the genuine active life force that animates them. And this is all people born into our world in this day and age. Unless someone is raised in a very spiritual community where the foundation for spiritual growth is laid from a young age all of us commence life living after the flesh in some of infinite possible ways rather than after our True Husband. In general, people would do well to not be so judgemental with others they find offensive until they have discerned how the institutions that represent them have invoked the outcomes they find unsatisfactory. If your governments, schools or your churches are feeding division and inhibiting the rounded development of consciousness within the population then your efforts aimed at rectifying the underlying problems within YOUR institutions will be far more fruitful than any judgements you have against the Laws that made those problems, YOUR problems, manifest in a way you find unpleasant in a particular individual.

Look at the effects governments have had directly on the divine institution of marriage. Governments in modern times have imagined that they can redefine marriage to be anything that they can dream up. In reality, government can no more redefine Miriam, or marriage, than it can redefine the laws of physics that dictate gravity and movement. Marriage has always been used as the primary example of the Divine Pattern in our lives throughout the ages. The people that are lost today need to be given every opportunity to see the Divine Pattern in their life. It seems that redefining words is as much the favoured weapon of our governments against the people now as it was in Rome 2000 years ago. Most people would be astounded looking through a Law Dictionary of even 100 years ago and seeing the extent that clearly defined legal terms have warped to support the destruction of individual liberty and religious freedom. In warping the legal definition of marriage for political expediency and to comfort those poor souls that are in barren relationships is an evil that blurs what should be the clearest expression of the Divine Pattern in our lives and must be opposed at every opportunity. The deception by governments is no doubt due primarily to the legislators themselves being victims during their own childhoods of our culture's profound and growing ignorance of Self and the deeper significance of marriage combined with a desire for votes and more influence over the masses. A disciple living in dedication to Truth should in no manner condone the deception by seeking approval of worldly authorities to marry. It is better to find a way to give the state notice of a marriage that has occurred rather than seeking state sanction. A license is permission to do something otherwise illegal. To seek a marriage license promotes firstly the lie that it is illegal for two consenting adults to declare themselves married and secondly it promotes the mindset that marriage is like a contract rather that the sacred union of husband and wife discussed here. I should make it clear that it is not that one will be sent to hell as punishment for getting a marriage licence. If it is done out of ignorance of the lies behind it then it is of little relevance other than it discourages you from seeking the true inner meaning of marriage. If it is done passively with awareness of the falsity behind the government ordained institution of marriage it can invoke Laws relating to being complacent to these lies, such as the darkness that Christians find themselves in today due to being complacent to the corruption and destruction of what man was given 2000 years ago (Death of New Covenant).

Ultimately, to be a constructive force, a man must be the kind of man that a wife can confidently trust enough to permit the two to grow together with in a holistic way. He has an obligation to use his inherent strengths to provide direction, protection and sustenance to his marriage and his family. These roles cannot be substituted by governments or churches, or any other institutions that see themselves as responsible to provide direction, protection and sustenance to those that subject themselves to the authority of these institutions. While there are times in an individual’s life when the ideal may be unattainable, it should still not be forgotten that, "No servant can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money." (Luke 16:13) If a husband or wife is looking to forces outside their three fold union to fulfil the role of the husband, the marriage and the husband in the marriage is made impotent and the two will blow in the breeze of the culture they are immersed in.

In the end, there are no excuses. Everyone bears the effects of the effectiveness of their walk in life and the best Way to gain control of your life is to come to recognise the effect of the Laws on All things, and to use this insight to direct and move your own life to be in harmony with those Laws.

This page is a continuing work in progress. I will continue to update this page as I am moved to do so.