Welcome to the Gnostic Way. The Gnostic Way is not a religion or a philosophy of man and Gnostics are not cult of heretics as they were accused of being by Rome's self proclaimed ruling class.  Nor are Gnostics a group of individuals that seek knowledge from merely reading old Gnostic texts. A Gnostic is one that seeks Gnosis, which is Knowledge acquired directly via the Light and the Kingdom that is within each one of us, and the Gnostic Way is the path alluded to through all scripture that one must ultimately walk to grow in harmony with the Natural Laws of our creation, so as to ultimately come to be taught  and led by the One True Teacher within and be guided by our elder brother into becoming Whole, “perfect and without fault” (James 1:4??).

Worldly political and religious authorities have almost always sought to fortify their own power over their fellow man rather than help free the people to reach their divine potential. Gnostics are in many ways deemed to be the greatest threat to worldly power as Gnostics recognize that under God all men are created equal and no man has the right to hold himself as an authority over another. A Gnostic’s only authority is the highest truth he or she as been given to receive and one is only able to receive what truth they are willing and able to manifest in their every thought, action, word and desire, and every thought, action, word and desire we express interacts with the Laws to determine who we are, what we perceive and what we are able to Know. Hence, Gnosis, genuine Knowledge, cannot be read from books and cannot be passed from one man to another, but must be desired, sought after, lived and cultivated, making way for ever greater realization of the potential you were created with.

The purpose of this website is therefore not an attempt to convey Gnosis to the reader, nor even any doctrines of belief. A genuine shepherd of TheWay can only help guide you into living the consecrated lifestyle and mindset necessary to escape what in the Bible is portrayed as the "far country" in the parable of the Prodigal Son, so that you can receive the Sacred Manna/Knowledge necessary to open the inner "Narrow Gate" to the Edenic Kingdom of our Heavenly Father. This includes helping you to gain a fundamental understanding of the Laws and the nature of Self necessary to serve as a foundation for walking in TheWay.

In our present day, many people suggest to us that a truly spiritual person will not seek to correct the errors expressed by others but that they will say no more than ‘love one another’.  They reason that it is judgmental and mean to point out the errors that serve to imprison others. The Laws after all are designed to draw all of creation from the Alpha of its inception to the Omega of its fulfillment. Paradoxically, while this is true, the Laws also prevent you from building anything enduring on a faulty foundation, and hence the Laws also move you through cycles where the foundation you are working from is continually torn down and rebuilt until it is able to support the next rung of your development. This means that most remain trapped in darkness, making almost no gains from one life to the next expressed by their Soul Self.

To truly use the potential each of us are born into this world with as the lost prodigal sons and daughters, requires developing constant awareness of:

    • how we are interacting with the Laws;
    • the nature of the Laws themselves;
    • the nature of our True Self;
    • the flaws in our present thinking that are impeding further growth;
    • how the environment we create within us and outside of us interacts with and affects our thinking; and,
    • how all of our interactions with others plays into all of this.

These are therefore the topics you will find within this site and the sites external pages that are linked. The Laws created in the beginning are permanent and unchanging, they are written into life and not in a book. They are in no manner influenced by cultural norms, political cycles or even anyone’s religious beliefs, which constantly change over time. More than people realize, their daily lives are ruled by ways that temporarily seem right in the time and culture they exist within with the maturity that they currently possess. Eventually the culture moves on and masses are able to see the foolishness of their ancestors, but at the same time still fail to see their own present foolishness, ironically foolishness that often their ancestors or more distant selves would recognize. Leaders and followers, each confined to their narrow perspective, and blind to the spiritual causes behind all they perceive, work to correct all they judge as wrong in the world. The more their solutions seek to dominate the thinking and participation of others, the more they undermine the necessary diversity of Mind and freewill that must exist within the society to promote the conditions in which true spiritual and mental growth can occur, and in undermining this diversity they invoke ever greater imbalances and future problems for the society and all individuals within it. Hence, the great truth written in Proverbs, “There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.” (Proverbs 14:12)

You will therefore find that while much of this site is dedicated to helping you understand the Laws and the nature of Self so that you are able to work from where you are at to expand your mind beyond its present constraints, there is also a much of this site which is meant to challenge everything you have been taught by the teachers and leaders of this world to accept as truth. Unless you are able to recognize and break-free of the errors of your present thinking, often created by these leaders, it is not possible to ever become more than you already are. The original spiritual followers of our elder brother Yeshua/Jesus were called Ebionites and they were, and are, the true Gnostic’s Gnostic. It was written by historians that the Ebionites were “…rejected from one religion as apostates, and from the other as heretics” (Gibbon: Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire, v.1, p.416) Even though leading edge science today has matured to the point where it has proven many of the Truths Gnostics have been working to convey for millennia, Gnostics remain the most despised of all people amongst those that stand to defend their cherished religious or secular beliefs because of the angst they cause when they are able to answer all questions rationally without making any appeal to blind faith while at the same time shining a light on the lies the forces of this world promote. Most people are offended when their beliefs are demonstrated to not only be false but often working against the very principles they hold dearest. Indeed even amongst those that are not offended by what Gnostics write, it is usually because they did not comprehend what was really being written but rather projected their own beliefs into what was said.

The authors of this and related sites have received their understanding by a dedication in seeking and allegiance in living the Truth over many successive lives. The Laws have today brought about the opportunity for us to speak more clearly about realities that in the more distant past were only able to be publically alluded to via allegorical scriptures. Today science has begun to understand things that it could not before, and today we also have a protection of religious freedom that allows us to speak without the threat of death at the hands of the churches. The restoration of this knowledge has been facilitated through interactions with our own Higher Selves, through exploring our own past lives and those of others, and some have also had the capacity to enter into the realm of Souls and communicate directly with the Higher Selves of others as well. No one is asking you to take any of what is said here on faith though. There is nothing said here that cannot be proven by anyone that sincerely seeks to walk in TheWay. Growth will not come from merely reading what is written here or anywhere and accepting it on faith or on feel. “Test everything. Hold on to the good. Avoid every kind of evil.” (1 Thessalonians 5:21-22) If you seek to be a vessel of the Light and live the Truth in your every thought, word, deed and desire, all things will be added to you and you will Know what you ought to know ... it is The Law.

May your mind be open and your journey be blessed.